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 Nick Graham 

After hearing horror stories about other review services, from reviews not coming in to competitors kneecapping competing products out of the gate with bad reviews, I wanted my first product launch to go as smoothly as possible.

Danny runs a first class organization - my first review to come in was from an Amazon Top 500 reviewer, which is the sort of first impression that's hard to beat. The GetBSR admins quickly dealt with any issues or questions I had, and the vast majority of the social reviews were top notch, and included videos and pictures.

If you're just starting out in FBA, I can't recommend GetBSR highly enough if you want to protect your investment and provide your customers with authentic reviews that actually have some thought and effort put into them.

 Jason C 

The GetBSR Team is simply the best thing since sliced bread! I've used their services for 10+ products already and getting ready to do another 10+  launches this month. Great customer service, fantastic results, and quick activity -- all at a very reasonable price. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


1. Choose a promotion plan that fits your budget

2. Create your coupon codes for distribution

3. Fill Out the Sellers promotion form after Checkout

4. sit back, watch your sales and rankings get a boost

WHY you should start here

  • Have you EVER Spent $500 on Facebook Ads for 1 sale?
  • EVER Post to a Deal Site That also has SPY TOOLS? I mean Competitors.
  • Have you EVER gave money to a Fake Influencer?
  • Get Fast, not Slow Results!

Danny " I like going Fast" "Click to See"

"Work Hard"   "Play Hard"

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