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Congratulations you are on your way to getting your product known.

Here are some frequently asked questions and recommendations.

Where is the input form?

You must have purchased a package and be logged in to see the submission form. CLICK HERE

What marketplaces do you support?

We support USA  marketplaces with Amazon being our default promotion due to their ginormous size.and market share We will also promote products on other marketplaces such as Jet, Walmart-Groupon or you own website. If you have a service to offer that does not interfere with our buyers standing with Getbsr contact us we can work something out.  e.g. TAX services, Legal

When will my promotions start ?

After you submit your form and promo codes. Your product will be advertised the next morning or at the date you set.

When will I see sales?

You will start to see sales in the evening. That is when the promotion codes are sent to respondents.

What is the best way to change my promotion when advised?

The Best way is to go into your inventory and adjust the retail price to equal the suggested price.

Will I get reviews?

We have told our buyers to never post a review on Amazon to protect Amazon Sellers that received any products from us on your behalf. Other marketpaces they can post a review if they choose.  Some buyers have blogs and social medial followers and may choose to post or share your products in those spaces. That is the power of social media.

I made great strides getting my product known can I run another campaign?

Absolutely, We do advise you ask our Team members their recommendation first. We want all of our advertisers to have successful campaigns

Anymore Questions?

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