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How it works

Amazon Product Launch



Choose from our plans, fill in campaign form and follow steps to register.


Add product promotions from our exclusive input forms and submit.


Sit back and let our back-end system handle the rest of it.


Watch your product grow in Sales when advertising with us.


Boost the deal by adding more coupons, extending deal


Celebrate your success on being a Top Seller with your continued effort.

What we will do for you?

We will advertise and send your coupon codes out to our list of the most responsive customers. The Top VIP’s customer in our business.

Optimize your conversion rate by not over clicking your listing. We don’t send one coupon to 1000’s of people at a time. This is where most sellers get buried on page 20. They promote to big deal sites and FB groups which causes a lot of unnecessary clicking and in turn flushes conversion rates down the drain.

Our customers don’t click your link until they are ready to buy. We provide them all the information they need to make a buying decision.

Once they make a decision we will distribute a one time use coupon you provided during sign -up process.


What our Customers expect from you?

They expect good products. For a STEAL That’s how we keep them interested and responsive. Getting great products , testing and sharing is their passion.

Typical product offers are 99% to 95% off. You can go higher if you like, we are just telling what customers respond to. We do not guarantee your products will be sold if our buyers don’t choose them.

Most of our buyers are used to the speedy delivery and free shipping.

What we don’t do?

Buyers are not required to leave reviews for free or discounted products.

It is entirely a buyers choice whether to post their opinion on any platform which include any Social Media platforms or Marketplaces that allow buyers to post content.

Never will we promise our buyers will leave a review of any kind anywhere. 

Product must always be shipped to the buyers.

It is best to let fulfillment by Amazon fill the orders. Fulfillment by Amazon offers multi channel fulfillment. People feel good about products being delivered and marketplaces are less likely to put the hammer down with the proper tracking methods being utilized



When starting on a new venture in selling online you need to get your products noticed. We have a proven track record of making this possible.

Your products will be seen and rewarded for your marketing performance. It will be up to you and how much you believe in your product to keep up with a winning strategy.

We have seen products go from page 15 to page 1 and are still there. Because the sellers stayed focus on marketing and customer service.

Our Team and Buyers will have the biggest impact on your product getting noticed and staying in the spotlight. We are honored to be part of your marketing efforts.